02 July 2017

Carnival of Space #516 here @ Links Through Space

Welcome to Links Through Space. 
This is the blog of our Astronomy Club here in Kustavi, Finland.
We write news about space related topics and we showcase our Astrophotos and Timelapses.
Our blog is a way for you to follow the Astro club's journey through Astronomy and have a fun and learning experience at the same time.

This week Links Through Space is hosting the Carnival of Space #516.
So here we have it, Ladies and Gentlemen!
Links Through Space is honored to declare the 516th Carnival of Space OPEN!

Illustration of Cassini diving through the gap between Saturn and its rings. Ten out of the 22 ring crossings have now been completed. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
Happy Canada Day!
Our Canadian friend Paul Scott Anderson at is our first stop in the Carnival.

-Paul Scott Anderson/

-Paul Scott Anderson/

ARP 299: Galactic Goulash
Next tent, Our most impressive friends at Chandra blog, the telescope that gives on giving!
- Chandra (No name)/

New titanium fins. Credit: SpaceX
The main attraction this week in the Carnival of Space #516 is none other than our friend Brian Wang at Next Big Future. Have a look at his articles, is is worth a read. 

Brian Wang/

Brian Wang/

Solar powered EMdrive version of Space Batleship Yamato
Brian Wang/

Oneweb building High-Volume Satellite Manufacturing Facility
Brian Wang/

Astronomical Gardens. Glimps of Summer Exhibition 2017 held at Astronomy Club Toutatis's headquarters in Kustavi, Finland

For our part here at Links Through Space we are in summer vacation because at our latitude (60 degree N) it is to bright to see the stars at night. We have solar observation sessions at our headquarters, but most importantly we have put together with some members of the Astro-club a Summer Exhibition titled: Astronomical Gardens. So stay tuned for pictures and videos of our fund raising, fun raising Astro-club's Summer Exhibition.

So here you had it folks...
Another edition of the Carnival of Space.
Hope it satisfied your hunger for all space/astronomy related topics. If not, continue reading my blog, it is full of space articles to be devoured.

If you run a space/astronomy related blog and would like to get more awareness, participate in the Carnival of Space. Every week a different webmaster or blogger hosts the Carnival, showcasing articles written on the topic of space. It's a great way to get to know the community and to help your writing reach a wider audience. If you'd like to be a host for the Carnival or be part of the Carnival, please send an email to

Carnival of Space logo photo credits: Jason Major.