15 May 2013

Summer Space Exhibition Opens in Kustavi, Finland

At Astronomy Club Toutatis here in Kustavi, Finland we have prepared a summer Space Exhibition right in our own backyard.

The Space Exhibition 2013 Kustavi Finland is from June 1st to October 1st 2013. The Exhibition is part of the club's Fundraising Campaign 2013 and the club's efforts to get the word out on astronomy.

The Space Exhibition 2013 Kustavi, Finland has 11 wall with Infograms, going from Galaxy Infogram to comet and asteroid Infogram. All the Infograms have photos, fun facts about the topic in question (Galaxy, Sun, Moon, etc...). and a Quiz people can take.

A World map of artificial light and a segment on light pollution can be found at the Exhibition. Also we can see a model of the Solar system, the Moon carpet to step on and a Black hole.

Outside you have our Telescope Pier Deck (see picture here) and a Face-in-hole board that people can have there picture taken. (The picture used in this post).
You have an astronaut for the "adults" and the dog Laika for the "children".

Telescope observation all summer of the Sun (with special Sun filters) and Night time observations weather permitting.

The Space Exhibition is open for everybody and is free of charge. Our Astronomy Club Toutatis Summer Space Exhibition 2013 Kustavi, Finland is paired with the  fundraising Campaign 2013. People can leave donations and support our club's activities. We have a framed-picture (21x30) as a gift for everyone who supports our club. Wish you can attend, if not follow the Exhibition on the internet right here on Links Through Space starting June 1st.

Have a great Summer and most of all clear skies!