22 April 2012

Carnival of Space #246 Here at LINKS THROUGH SPACE

Links Through Space
Carnival of Space #246

Welcome to Links Through Space, astronomy for everyone.
This is the blog of our Astronomy Club here in Kustavi, Finland
We write news about space related topics and we showcase our Astrophotographies and Timelapses.
Our blog is a way for you to find new links through the Internet about Space and astronomy.

So here we have it, Ladies and Gentlemen!
Links Through Space is honored to declare the 246th Carnival of Space live from Kustavi Finland.

Earth Day rhyms with birthday

Ron Cobb's 1969 Ecology Symbol
Earth Day is a day early each year on which events are held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth's natural environment. Earth Day is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and is celebrated in more than 175 countries every year. In 2009, the United Nations designated April 22 International Mother Earth Day. Earth Day is planned for April 22 in all years at least through 2015.

The Earth Day name
According to Nelson, the moniker "Earth Day" was "an obvious and logical name" suggested by "a number of people" in the fall of 1969, including, he writes, both "a friend of mine who had been in the field of public relations" and "a New York advertising executive," Julian Koenig. Koenig, who had been on Nelson's organizing committee in 1969, has said that the idea came to him by the coincidence of his birthday with the day selected, April 22; "Earth Day" rhyming with "birthday," the connection seemed natural so the name stuck.

Please read further on Wikipedia: "Earth Day" HERE 

17 April 2012

Paths of the Sun around the world: Project Solargraphy

Paths of the Sun with Pin Hole Camera  credit: Sakari Ekko
The Global Project Of Solargraphy, Art and Science combine! 
As I was reading Ian Musgrave Astroblog, he was talking about a project with pinhole cameras that he recently joined and made for him self the cameras and all. I became curious!

The Global Project of Solargraphy purpose is to find out how different the paths of the Sun are around the world. The project manager Tarja Trygg from Finland invites anyone to take part in this mapping of the Sun seen from different latitudes.
The goal of the project is to create pinhole cameras "solargraphs" all over the world and build a World Map of Solargraphs. It is not possible to do this alone. That is why the help of  Volunteers around the world has been very important. 
They have placed pinhole cameras at various latitudes in various countries. The only way to make this art of pinhole photography project to work is with collaboration. Experience the magic of Solargraphs - Photographs Like You have Never Seen. You can have more details of how to make a pinhole camera and details on installation, exposures periods and after exposing HERE.

HERE is the link to Tarja Trygg's website for SolargraphyGallery

For my part I will start to make my own Pinehole Camera and send my data to tarja for her real cool project!
Clear skies Everybody!

14 April 2012

SPAIN: Last Post of this fabulous Journey into Spanish Astronomy

Harlem Globe Mooner
credit: KTY Toutatis Astronomy Club
(Click on picture to enlarge)
Kustavi, Finland
As our voyage drew to it's end, we slowly easy into our daily routine. The Astronomy Club Toutatis reflects on the beautiful and memorable moments abroad and wish to thank everybody who where kind enough to show us around Astronomy in Spain.
A special Thanks to Mr. Alberto Romero at Astronomy Club Cádiz, Mrs. Cristina Pita guide at ROA and Mr. Miguel Vallejo Carrión assistant director of ROA, the Royal Institute and Observatory of the Spanish Navy and Mr. Martin Jelínek at the BOOTES project in Málaga. Hope to see you soon in joint projects.

Here are the links to the SPAIN series:
  1. SPAIN: Follow our Astronomy Club Toutatis in Spain
  2. SPAIN: Links Through Space Astronomy Club in Cai Picha!
  3. SPAIN: Astronomy Club Hercules, Cádiz
  4. SPAIN: The Royal Institute and Observatory of the Spanish Navy, ROA!
  5. SPAIN: Marbella where the Old meets the New
  6. SPAIN: Astronomy club's New Astrophotos
  7. SPAIN: In search of Gamma Ray Bursts in Andalucia with project BOOTES

HERE are the last astrophotographies of our voyage, hope you enjoyed our journey through Spain. It was very nice that you could join us.

12 April 2012

SPAIN: In search of Gamma Ray Bursts in Andalucia with project BOOTES

Telescopio Málaga de 0.6-m de diámetro y alta velocidad
de apuntado en la cúpula de BOOTES-2 en la Estación
Experimental de La Mayora (CSIC) en Algarrobo-Costa (Málaga).

Algarrobo-Costa (Málaga), Spain
Have you ever heard of the Burst Optical Observer and Transient Exploring System, Project BOOTES?

I met with Martin Jelínek a Czech Astrophysicist who has been with the project Bootes for 11 years. He is currently working at the BOOTES 2 station as the main operator of the telescope. Pre-doctoral fellowship (IAA-CSIC) at the University of Granada,
he devote his time in imaging the night sky looking for Gamma-ray Bursts.

01 April 2012


Credit: Dennis Simmons
Brisbane, Australia
APRIL 1st ASTEROID FLYBY: Newly discovered near-Earth asteroid 2012 EG5 is flying past Earth today about halfway between Earth and the Moon. There's no danger of a collision. At closest approach on April 1st, the Dreamliner-sized space rock will be about 230,000 km from Earth. This morning in Brisbane, Australia, amateur astronomer Dennis Simmons photographed HERE the incoming asteroid.

Meanwhile  at Vandenberg Airbase, California The CINDI investigation turn it's eye to near -Earth asteroid 2012 EG5 and synchronises a meet flybyof the two objects...