08 November 2010

The North Star! They really revolve around it!

Round and round they go!!!

So my friends, I put on some warm clothes and headed out to look at the stars. The moment I open the door, it started to hail, I could not believe it! 2 secondes earlier I looked out through the window and saw full of stars...

Click on the Astrophoto to enlarge
I thought my evening was ruined and came back inside. 30 minutes later, a looked out through the window and the stars where shining, so once again I dressed up and headed out. The night sky was beautiful!
Because of the hail, I did not want to take out my telscope, so I took only my camera and the camera mount.

This time I wanted to take a star trail picture with the North star in the middle, so I did. I had a good 30 minutes before the clouds came back and I manage to take this cool picture.

Enjoy and remember to go out and look at the night sky!

Tapani Isomäki
Kustavi, Finland
Astrophoto: Pentax 31mm / ISO 1600 / Exposure: 24x30 sec. / camera mount / Registax

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