14 December 2010

Astrophoto reveals lights on the Moon.

Lights on the Moon!
THE MOON, CLICK on astrophoto above.
The moon rover and the laser pointed at us we left on the moon I can believe, but source of light from the Fourth quadrant of the Moon (Southeast). It is hard to believe.

This astrophoto reveals what could be several emission of light in the vacinity of Vallis Rheita on the surface of the moon.

Lets pretend for a second that we are in the future and we have colonised the Moon. Would it look like this from Earth? Could this give a idea of how the Moon landscape can be changed by Us the Humans.

Even if this news is more on the science fiction side of it, it is none the less exciting to see lights on the Moon!!!

Have fun outside looking at the night sky and have a look at our new astrophotos in the Astrophotography section. NEW ASTROPHOTOS CLICK HERE!!!

Tapani Isomäki
Kustavi, Finland

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