15 June 2011

Total Eclipse of the Moon 15/16.06.2011 (Part 2)

Hi you astronomy lovers!
On the photo above you can see how the Eclipse will unfold itself in the landscape of Kustavi. (click on the photo to enlarge)
I went to the place where we are going to see the Eclipse tomorrow and simulated how it would look like.
At the same time it was a good practice to see where to put my camera and telescope for the best possible pictures.

So if you are near Kustavi come and join us for the Total Eclipse of the Moon of june 15-16 2011.  (just phone me at 045 121 0560)
 We expect to have a BBQ and even a cake in a form of the Moon with a orange-brownish color to fit the occasion :)

ps: If you cannot attend our Lunar Eclipse party, you can always go at this site ---> Astronomy live and look at it on the internet via other peoples telescopes.

Enjoy and clear skies!!!

Tapani Isomäki
Kustavi, Finland

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