07 October 2014

Total Lunar Eclipse (8.10.2014). Where and When?

Have a look at the Total Lunar Eclipse occurring on Wednesday 8.10.2014.
Follow these links to see how to see it and where to see it.

Total Lunar Eclipse 08.10.2014. Credit: Universe Today.

Picture Below an INFOGRAPH about LUNAR ECLIPSES from our friend Guy-André from It is simple to understand and gives many great info's about the Lunar Eclipses.

Check where and when? Lunar Eclipse 8.10.2014
How to Take Great Photos of the Lunar Eclipse. Article by Bob King on Universe
Total Lunar Eclipse: The Complete Starwatcher's Guide. Article  by Columnist Joe Rao on
- Your partner for Astronomy.

(Click on image to enlarge and read)
Infographic: understanding lunar eclipses

Picture of Total lunar Eclipse 08.10.2014. Credit: Universe Today.

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