31 October 2016

Carnival of Space # 481 Here @ Links Through Space

Welcome to the Carnival of Space # 481.

Here at Links Through Space we introduce a series of 4 articles on archaeoastronomy. This series is titled Echoes of Archaeoastronomy and is part of The Ancient Astronomy Series. You may have read the first part: The Age of Astronomy, this is the second part.

Echoes of Archaeoastronomy has inspirations from a few trips I took the the Moroccan Sahara desert in 2014 and 2016.
A visit to a rock art site in the middle of the desert in Morocco and a site in a little village in the high mountains of the Atlas Mountain range. From these travels came out a 1 year research on a connection of astronomy to the ancient civilizations before us. When was the first time that ancient people used the knowledge of astronomy? When did the science of astronomy started?

Please read the first article of this series. Echoes of Archaeoastronomy: A brief introduction to Archaeoastronomy.

Feel free to comment and share these articles if you like them. This is part of the public outreach in astronomy by Astronomy club Toutatis, Kustavi, Finland.

And now.... (drum rolling)


Archives of Chandra x-ray observstory. Credit: NASA/CSC/SAO Instrument: ACIS

We start at Chandra x-ray observatory with Discovering the Treasures in Chandra's Archives.
Discovering the Treasures in Chandra's Archives 
- Chandra blog / Megan Watzke

At Women in Astronomy blog they are running series of blogs where inspiring women and men are sharing their personal stories. Anyone can get involved and we encourage you to read and share your thoughts using the hashtag #WiSTEMspotlight.

At The Evolving Planet site you can read an article on Jupiter Gives Off Spooky Sounds in Time for Halloween. UUUUUUUUUUUhhhh!
Jupiter Gives OffSpooky Sounds in Time for Halloween 
- The Evolving Planet / Lornajane Altura

Astronaut Films his Re-Entry into Earths Atmosphere - The Footage is Mesmerizing
Astronaut Mike Hopkins was on his way back from the International Space Station when he decided to record the spectacular light show that occurs when re-entering Earth's atmosphere.
Astronaut Films his Re-entry into Earths Atmosphere - The footage is Mesmerizing
- The Evolving Planet / Brad Rogers

Afraid of the dark? For years physicists thought that the universe was dominated by a repulsive "dark" energy. A new study says that dark energy doesn't exist.
"Dark energy" still doesn't exist
- Riofriospacetime blog ( GM=tc^3) / L. Riofrio

The Hubble images of water plumes from Europa, and the hint that Saturn's moon Dione may also harbor a liquid ocean deep beneath its crust.
Water Worlds in the Solar System
-Andrew Fraknoi: Exploring the Universe / Andrew Fraknoi

Track the daily changes in the sunrise/sunset location.

Here is some news about the Juno mission to Jupiter. Juno spacecraft exits safe mode, prepares for next close flyby of Jupiter in December.
- Planetaria / Paul Scott Anderson 

So here you have it!
All the thrills and excitements of the Astronomy/Space community this week.
The Carnival of Space #481

If you run a space/astronomy related blog and would like to get more awareness, participate in the Carnival of Space. Every week a different webmaster or blogger hosts the Carnival, showcasing articles written on the topic of space. It's a great way to get to know the community and to help your writing reach a wider audience. If you'd like to be a host for the Carnival or be part of the Carnival, please send an email to

Carnival of Space logo photo credits: Jason Major.


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