03 October 2011


Our Milky Way Galaxy
Hello everyone!
This weekend we held our astronomy club at a friends cottage.
The night sky was amazing, friday and saturday no clouds at all.
We had planned to look at the comet Garradd and photograph the Milky Way. At the end, we didn't find comet Garradd and we had problems with the milky way photos.
But nevertheless, we saw a very large meteor falling to Earth and we reported it to the Finnish astronomy society. The next day we saw in the news that a meteorite had fallen in Mikkeli eastern Finland.
We also took a glimpse at the Sun and saw its huge sunspots.
Take a look at the astrophotos here --->
Next month we are back in Kustavi for new thrilling stargazing.
Until then, remember to go outside and look at the night sky.

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