10 October 2011

Poor Draconid meteor shower but wonderful auroras borealis!!!!!

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Hello everyone!
On october 8th me and a friend went outside to see the Draconid meteor shower. We stood there with our cameras in place and waited for the big light show. The cameras where on tripods and programed to take a picture every 10 seconds. The exposure time was 8 seconds to 13 seconds.
In two hours we saw about 20 shooting stars, and not really brights ones ether.
The Moon was in the south-east behind the trees, but still was bright. The sky was clear and the very close city lights did'nt bother us to much.
But still no meteor shower as we where expecting!
In the middle of a routine "dew off" of the lens on my camera, I noticed on the picture some faint greenish lights, i could'nt believe it, it was the auroras borealis that came to visit us here in southern Finland.
That made my night and i was very happy to have taken the risk to go out and see the Draconids and at the end to see the northern lights. It was simply amazing!
You can go see our astrophotos of the Draconids and of the northern lights on our FLICKR page HERE

Here is also a time lapse of the Northern lights, check it out its pretty cool!
If dont see the time lapse well, you can go and see it in FLICKR HERE

Remember to go outside and look at the night sky, you never know what you could see.

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