07 December 2011

Geminids meteor shower from 7.12 - 14.12.2011

Shooting Stars

Its the finale of this year’s meteor showers: The Geminids will start appearing on Dec. 7 and should reach peak activity around the 13th and 14th.

This shower could put on a display of up to 100+ meteors (shooting stars) per hour under good viewing conditions.
However, conditions this year are not ideal with the presence of a waning gibbous Moon (which will be up from mid-evening until morning). But seeing meteors every few minutes is quite possible. Geminid meteors are often slow and bright with persistent coloured trails which can linger for a while after the meteor has burned up.

Here is a link for Best time to observe for Finland HERE>>
Here is a link from wikipedia: Geminids meteor shower

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