26 December 2011

Venus and the crescent Moon in conjunction 26.12.2011

Click on picture to enlarge /Credit: KTY Toutatis
Here is a picture of Venus in conjunction with the crescent Moon. The Moon was only 4% of the new Moon.
You can see venus in the thin stripe where there is no clouds and just at the right of it is the crescent Moon (all is left of the tree).
This picture was taken on the 26.12.2011 at 17:05 (UTC+2) in Eckerö, Åland, Finland.
Me and my girlfriend went to catch this event , but when we saw the clouds, we tought it was over. but perceverance paid off and we got this unique picture of the event.

Hope you like it, you can comment also!
Cheers from the islands!

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