21 August 2015

Astronomy Club Toutatis is in the house.

Astronomy Club Toutatis opened its doors for the youth in Kustavi, Finland. It staged a 3 night watch of the night sky. Participants were all young adults who had the chance to observe the universe through a camera lens. Here is the result. We had 3 activities.
1. Star trails. Showing how the stars revolves around the pole star (Polaris).
2. Have a sense of the movement of the night sky with a GIF Animation.
3. Introduction to the Milky Way Galaxy and Star hopping.

Here is what we got.

GIF Animation of the movement of the Milky Way Galaxy in our night sky.
Duration: 1 hour. Credit: KTY Toutatis/S. Lamoureux.

The Milky Way in the Trees.
Star trail with Polaris at the top of the picture.
Notice the smudge-like star trail of the Milky Way between the trees.
Want to do the same photos and animations. Have a look at these links:

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