27 November 2012

Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon 28.11.2012

Click to see details of the Eclipse Nov. 28 2012
On November 28, 2012 there will be a Penumbra Eclipse of the Moon. The eclipse will be at it's greatest at 14:33 UT (17:33 Finland time). The eclipse will start at  12:14:58 UT (15:14:58 FIN) and will last for 4 hours 36 minutes and 05 secondes, 16:51:02 UT (19:51:02 FIN).

Look at the East as the Moon rises around 15:34 FIN time and follow the Moon until you can dicern a faint change in the darkness on the face of the Moon.

In a Penumbral eclipse, the Moon only enters the outer part of Earth's shadow. This will results in a subtle darkening of the Moon's northern half. You still have to have a good eyesight to see the differents with a "normal" Moon. Best chance is to photograph the event.

Good luck and clear skies! This a event not to miss!

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