28 November 2012

Real Substile Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 28.11.2012 Credit:
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 I had to post this. I think this is a fantastic picture showing the difference of this substile eclipse called Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Thanks to Ian Musgrave down under who captured these great shots of the Moon being eclipsed.

Follow Ian at his Astroblog down under in Adelaide. He speaks about what to see in the night sky "what to see in the sky this week". Posts astronomy events and speaks about them with his personal experiences of them (like this one of the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse). great astronomy blog over all! Here is his link Astroblog.
For us here in Turku, Finland. We where clouded out! No signs of the Moon at all. No gaps in the clouds, just a thick cover of clouds. Oh well!

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